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GRAPES–Healthy for Most….

Do you love grapes?  Grapes taste just as sweet as sweets!  Just think, one cup of candy, or jelly beans for example, has at least 600 calories/cup, if not more!  But one full cup of grapes only has 60 calories. WOW!  Another way to look at is that you can only eat 10 jelly beans to reach 100 calories.  However, you can indulge with 40 grapes in order to reach 100 calories.  WOW!


Besides lower calories, grapes are extremely healthy for you!  This fruit is loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, and a satisfying sweetness.  I very much promote grapes for you.  So, STOP those candy pieces, and turn to grapes (and other fruits)!  Now, with that said, in my past, I have rarely consumed grapes.  Grapes would always give me a chest-tightness pain.  I can remember several times turning to Google after consuming grapes, trying to find the reasons for the pain.  I couldn’t ever find the answer for several years.  However, I recently found the answer:  Sulfites.  Six years ago, I was diagnosed with the sulfite allergy, and so I simply cut dried fruits (which has the highest amount of sulfites and had threatened my life) out of my diet, but that was it.  I never looked into the depth details of sufites.  Therefore, I never knew that grapes (even organic grapes) are allowed to be sprayed with sulfur dioxide (sulfites).  Whoah!

So, if you are allergic to sulfites, stay far away from grapes AND raisins . . . and all dried fruits!  In fact, there are many more unsafe foods out there.  Check out this link: Sulfite Food List for more information.  But if you have zero problems with sulfites, enjoy yummy grapes as a snack or dessert.