Safe Food List

This page is posted more for my close family and friends who eats with me!  But for the rest of you, if you also struggle with food allergies, I highly recommend making a SAFE LIST to share with your family and friends!


*Beef (all)
*Chicken (all)
*Turkey (make sure it is gluten free, not all of them are!)
*Wild game
*Duck Eggs
*Bacon —Hormel’s “Natural Choices, Original Uncured Bacon

Grains (Most gluten free products are loaded with sulfites with potato and corn starch or sulfited grain alternatives.  Even several gluten free flours were bleached (used sulfites) to make the flour a lighter color)
*Plain Rice Cakes
*Gluten Free Oatmeal (Bob’s Red Mill)
*Gluten Free Pasta/Brown Rice Pasta (Not corn pasta)
*Beanito Chips (like a potato chip!) (White, black, or pinto—-without flavors. . . my favorite salty snack!)

Fruits & Vegetables (Organic is suggested, however, I tend to do mostly fine without “organic” fresh produce)
*Most all Vegetables, Except: garlic, mushrooms, & canned/processed tomatoes products
             Lots of high sulfur vegetables have bothered me before (onions, peppers, and asparagus, etc.). .
However, if my count is low, I should be fine. “Small” amounts are the key.

*Most all Fruits, Except: Grapes (Grapes are Allowed to be sprayed with sulfites…which explains my reaction each time!) 
*Frozen vegetables, as long as the only ingredients are vegetables (avoid frozen potatoes—which are loaded with sulfites)
(Canned vegetables are a no-no, as I’ve read, but haven’t looked much into that information because I never do use canned vegetables anyways)
*All dried beans
*Canned beans (must be rinsed well, and avoid any canned beans with sulfites or other hidden-sulfite ingredients. Garbonzo canned beans almost always are loaded with sulfites! VitaCost & Eden brands are safe brands)
*Boxed Tomatoes (Brand: Pomi [strained & chopped tomatoes]).—-I ‘m in heaven with Pomi processed tomatoes!. Any other processed tomato products always bothered me! I had no idea that they are loaded with sulfites!

*Plain yogurt–full fat! (Watch out! Look for Only One ingredient: Cultured Milk. Dannon brand works for me)
*Cheese: Fine with Girard’s Grocery Store’s Castello Creamy Havarti Cheese and Dillion’s Mozzarella Whole Milk Cheese from deli department (no annatto coloring and no preservatives, no vinegar, not aged long)
*Sour Cream–Daisy Brand–full fat with only one ingredient!
*Milk information below under “Drinks”

Spices/Other Misc
*Organic herbs, without preservatives, and no dried onion or garlic (leaves or flakes are better b/c they are not preserved with sulfites).
*White Peppercorns (instead of black pepper. I haven’t had a problem with black pepper, but only use white peppercorn to keep my count low. Plus, unground peppers are always better. Most ground peppers have been preserved with sulfites)
*Organic Unsalted Butter (just cream unsalted—no “natural flavoring”) 
Brown Rice Vinegar or White Rice vinegar (naturally sulfite free & great substitute of white vinegar.  Work great with Nakano brand.)
*Eden Organic Brown Mustard (made with organic apple cider vinegar, instead of white vinegar)
*Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (must be organic!!)
*Olive oil
*Sea Salt
*Arrow root powder (substitute of Corn Starch as a thickening, or use organic corn starch)
*Lemon & Lime Juice–fresh (Not bottled, which is loaded with sulfites. Or Frozen Minute Maid Lemon Juice is fine.)
*Coconut flakes (Health Food stores & Walmart carries sulfite-free coconut flakes! 
*Agar Agar (A great gelatin substitute!)

*Non-flavored Coffee (unbleached brown filters. . .however I tend to fine if brown filters are not available)
*Reverse osmosis filtered water (Aquafina bottled water is safe)
*Raw Milk
*Almond Milk-unsweetened (“Simple Truth” is the only brand I’ve found that doesn’t cause me to wheeze!)

Sweetness/Desserts (I’m usually limiting my sugar b/c of my candida issue, but may try to enjoy myself!)
Organic Cane Sugar (but not powdered sugar or brown sugar. Any sugar made out of beets are bleached with sulfites)
Honey (Be careful! Lots of honey in grocery stores are loaded with corn syrups, without being labeled! I try to only purchase through a local honey business that I assume is safe)
Chocolate chips (Enjoy Life brand only!)

Foods that I USED to avoid, but have added back into my diet and do fine
White potatoes
Chocolate chips (Enjoy Life brand only–used to always get reactions to chocolate chips until I tried this brand!)
Plain yogurt (again, make sure only ingredient is cultured milk…Dannon brand seems okay for me)
Sour Cream (Daisy Brand)
Raw milk

4 thoughts on “Safe Food List

  1. Thank you so much for your safe food list. I have read so many can’t have list its hard to figure out what one can have 🙂 I like the idea of making a safe list for foods and a bad list. Very hard to eat out!


    1. Yes! Very hard to eat out! My husband and I go to steakhouses so I can get a steak (and make sure no spices or salt and pepper on it) and a baked potato. But many steaks can still be dangerous (most all chains restaurant steaks already have spices on it and can’t be removed). Chipotle is safe (except not sure about the tortilla). Friday and yesterday I was in a big town to see my gma in a hospital and all my family expanded families ate out a lot the past several days. I just went to the grocery store and grabbed some nuts, fresh vegetables, Angie Chicka Boom Popcorn, and Bolthouse 100% carrot juice. Several of Larabars are also handy to have (I’m not sure if all are safe but many are). But I just wanted to stay in the hospital anyways to be with my grandma. I dread going out with other people to eat. I struggle with anxiety and feel so left out! They just don’t understand.


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