About Me & This Blog

This blog is for people who are interested in health and nutrition, especially those who struggle with food allergies and/or gluten intolerant issues.  (It’s also for my family and friends for a better understanding  of restricted eating.)  I desire to help others, which lead me to start this blog !  Below, I thought I’d describe what I am not allergic to in order to express more about my personal life! ~Leslie~


I’m not allergic to good health,
Not allergic to fruits & vegetables,
Not allergic to water,
Not allergic to running,
Not allergic to feeling well!

I’m not allergic to feeling energized,
Not allergic to coffee,
Not allergic to playing Peek-A-Boo,
Not allergic to dancing,
Not allergic to music,
Not allergic to decorating my home!

I’m not allergic to my family,
Not allergic to my husband,
Not allergic to my son,
Not allergic to our farm,
Not allergic to tractors,
Not allergic to cattle!

I’m not allergic to laughs,
Not allergic to hugs,
Not allergic to beauty,
Not allergic to love!

I’m not allergic to our Lord,
Not allergic to the Bible,
Not allergic to Praising His name,
Not allergic to living,
Not allergic to loving life.


My Health Passion

When I was in junior high, my grandfather started to struggle with diabetes.  His new health problem triggered my new health interest in life.  During one of my visits to his home, I looked at my grandpa and thought that when I’d grow up, I’d want a career dealing with health.

Throughout high school I had an extreme interest in sports (basketball and dance).  As I had the beginning desire of health, I proudly lasted my entire four years in high school without drinking one sip of soda!  (Okay, that was a lie . . . I drank one and a half cans of soda during my entire high school life.  But that’s because I was overly thirsty and without water available, soda was my only option!  But surely you get my health point!)

During my freshman year of college, I desperately sacrificed my passion of health.  Because of my friends’ problems (or my not-so-friends’ problems), my family problems, and my personal problems, I chose to starve myself.  That’s right.  I chose the anorexia life.  That life was hard.  Horrible.  Next to the life of death.

But life got better.  I was able to overcome my eating disorder.  That small passion of “being healthy” that I gained with my grandfather came over me.  I was able finish college, have a wondering career, and find my wonderful husband!  Below is what my passion lead me in my education of health!

B.S. Health & Human Performance
Emphasis:  Health Promotion
Minor:  Business Administration

My college degree lead me to work as a Nutrition Educator for 4 counties (7 schools, 3 health departments, several libraries, & senior centers).  I was so blessed to have experience in that field!

I am currently a stay-at-home-mother and even though I do not work out of the home, my close friends and family know that I continue as a Nutrition Expertise (or as they’d call me: Health Freak!).

My purpose to start this blog is to continue my nutrition and health promotion, along with sharing my struggles.  I may talk slightly about my eating disorder history, but my main focus deals with food allergies.  My food allergies has lead me into an entire different world.  And I want to be able to reach out to others who also have to live with allergies.


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