Those, ya know, ANNOYING symptoms . . .

Have you ever had those awkward symptoms?  Like really annoying symptoms?  Your body is working decently, but you’re still dealing with some annoying symptoms.   Well, I sure have.  Besides my SULFITE ALLERGY REACTIONS, let me share with you about a few of my random symptoms that you may be able to relate with.

My DAILY Random ANNOYING Symptoms

  1. Hurting & inflamed gums
  2. Consistent red/itchy/dry eyes
  3. Inflamed upper back muscles with pain
  4. Yeast infections continously
  5. Daily ammonia-smelling urine

I honestly complained about these symptoms to my doctors, but we could never figure anything out.  My dentist noticed my inflamed gums and he told me to be kinder to my gums.  My eye doctor guided me the best brands of eye drops for my daily reddish and itchy eyes, which helped, but never cured the eye problems.   I spent money, beyond money with message therapists to relax my back muscles, but the massages rarely helped.  My yeast infections were treated with Monistat and often with Dilatin, prescribed from my doctor, but the yeast infections returned over and over again.  And I mostly hid my yucky smelling urine from my doctor, because it was so embarrassing!  So, after several years of experiencing these ANNOYING SYMPTOMS DAILY, I simply accepted these symptoms as being normal.

HOWEVER, should ANY of those SYMPTOMS be accepted as a NORMAL part of MY DAILY LIFE?  My answer is ABSOLUTELY NO!  And guess what?  When I finally followed my Allergy Specialist’s guidance of staying away from sulfites 100%, all of those OTHER SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED!  WOW, right?  WOW!  I no longer experience these annoying symptoms.  I feel wonderful and I feel FREE!

So, please, do NOT ACCEPT your annoying symptoms!   Maybe certain foods bothers you, or preservatives like me, or maybe your body has something undiagnosed!  I honestly have no idea what could be causing your personal annoying symptoms, but I AM TELLING YOU that YOUR ANNOYING SYMPTOMS are NOT NORMAL!  You deserve of feeling the best you can!

So, please, share with me about YOUR AnNoYiNg symptoms.  I would LOVE to hear.  And I sure hope that you will start doing your personal homework in hopes of feeling FREE too!

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