Yes!  I titled myself, “The Lazy Lezlie”.  Or shall I say the “Previously Lazy Lezlie”, because the NEW Leslie is not so lazy.  🙂  Let me explain what has changed in my life.

So, I used to feel simply lazy.  My day consisted of lots of relaxing while watching tv.  Most days, I could hardly attempt any household duties until 2pm to 4pm.  And I should mention how my laziness was defined by having muscle heaviness, joint weakness, brain fogs (couldn’t think straight), and feeling overly fatigue.

My dad, my sister, my step-mother, my mother-in-law, and so many other people in my life are the high energized go-go-go people.   I always wished I could be MORE like them.  Somehow, I assumed that these people were designed the same as me, but  I assumed that they were more motivated and had more willpower than me.  And so, I simply titled myself as plain lazy.  As much as I used to hate my laziness, I honestly came to the conclusion that I must accept myself of who I am, “The Lazy Lezlie”.

However, my life has changed!  Turning my diet SULFITE-FREE turned me into the Energizer Bunny!  I’m no longer lazy!  I have the energy to excel in our home between laundry, cooking , vacuuming, playing with my son, dancing like I’m crazy, grocery shopping, exercising . . . and my list is endless!   Some days, I have so much energy that I have a hard time falling asleep, because I just want to go-go-go!

Now, I do admit that when my diet accidentally slips by consuming  sulfites, unfortunately, I react with asthma (chest tightness or wheezing) or suffer with yucky stomach cramps for hours . . . and I then feel fatigue—or LAZY—for ONE to THREE FULL DAYS!  YUCKY!  So, I TRY to be a PICKY EATER the best as I can, because I HATE those lazy days!  Enjoying unsafe foods are never worth for the lazy days! ***

So, ARE YOU LAZY?  Maybe you have a food-connection, like me?  My sulfite problem is rare, but GLUTEN has affected many more people!  I have two girl friends, who have discovered that a gluten-free diet CURED many of their problems, such as joint pain, digestive pain, weight problems, brain fogs, and many other issues!  And, of course, these two ladies are NO LONGER LAZY!  So, gluten could be worth looking into!  Of course, other foods could be your problem, so keep your mind OPEN to other food possibilities.  And do get your thyroids tested before searching foods.  Thyroids, which can be tied to tiredness, can be easily tested and easily treated!  So, maybe you have thyroid problems, food problems, or something else, either way, do NOT give up!  Do NOT accept your laziness, like I used to!  GO see your doctor, and do as much of homework as you can.  I have HOPE for you!

Now, I admit, The Lazy Lezlie has reenter my life for the past couple months, but thankfully without the brain fogs or the muscle and joint aches.  Actually, my laziness has been a BLESSING!  My body has been extremely busy making a baby!  That’s right!  I’m expecting our Baby #2!  So, my laziness has a GOOD EXCUSE!  And thankfully, when this baby comes out, I will have the energy to be the best Momma that I can be!
(SAD UPDATE 2/13/16:  Sadly, I had a miscarriage.  I’m going miss being this child’s mother, but I trust God has his reasons.  I can see my mother holding her new grandchild in heaven.  I miss you, my MOM and my child!)  

CC887CEE-2547-473B-BF26-CB701DE37004*** EXTRA NOTE for better explanation***
“The LAZY LEZLIE” is caused by sulfites.  Because my body can’t process the preservative, sulfites, not only do I react with allergy reactions, but my body doesn’t have the enzyme to process it.  So, my body shuts down for 1 to 3 days, until the sulfites leave my body, which explains my laziness.

4 thoughts on “The LAZY LEZLIE asks, “Are YOU LAZY?”

  1. Oh my gosh I am so grateful for your post I literally have tears in my eyes! I went by EMS to the hospital (again) breathing had become so shallow o had “no breath sounds” so they gave me more Inhalers, which triggers more asthma symptoms and hunger so I ate everything in site and got worse and worse. (I didn’t think there could be a worse because although I used to run marathons, I haven’t been off my couch in years unless to go to work only because I had to)! I just underwent the beginning stages of the Candida diet, which made me vomit, (because I don’t think the yeast was the problem) so I habe been on my couch again all weekend, another $400 down the drain, another weekend of this mess I’m so over it!

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  2. You say that your body doesn’t have the enzyme to process the sulfites; how did you find that out? I am wondering if this has anything to do with the CBS gene and the MTHFR gene.


    1. First sorry for my late repsonse…life has been busy! Okay, I found out by eating a dried apricot and had coughing like crazy and my inhaler cured me. The following week, I ate another dried apricot—same—horrible coughing and my inhaler saved me. Then soon after that, on another day, I ate a dried apple with ONE bite, and my throat completely closed and I could NOT breath! I thought I was doing to die! Thankfully, again, my inhaler saved me. I soon met with my allergy specialist and he told me I’m allergic ot sulfites—which explains why I react to sooo many foods—and breathing problems with wine!

      I also have quesitoned about CBS gene and the MTHFR gene. I haven’t found those answers yet for myself. I really do think I do have CBS gene. My family doctor has questioned if I have MTHFR gene b/c I went through two miscarriages, sadly. My doctor mentioned that she can send me to another clinic for doing the MTHFR testing, but she worned me it’d be super expensive. And I didn’t care to spend the money. So, my doctor had me take a much different pre-natal vitamin, that is MTHFR friendly and progesterone…and now I’ve had 2 healthy babies within this last 21 months! 🙂 (I have total of 3 by the way! 🙂 )

      And I do say that my body doesn’t have an enzyme to process the sulfites—-that’s what I say anyways when people in my community asks. But I don’t know the exact answer—-I think I’ve read that is only a “theory” and not 100% proven why some people react to sulfites.

      What about YOU? You have sulfite problems?


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