MY Sulfite Reaction List

I feel this article is quite overdue.  I’ve told my readers about my reactions through many stories.  However, I have not written a basic list of my reactions.  Possibly there is at least one reader out there that will appreciate my list.  Surely, someone out there can relate with me, dealing with sulfites!  So, here it MY list!

My Sulfite Reaction List:

  • Throat completely narrows . . Life threatening!  (Certain wines and dried fruits)
  • Horrible Chest Tightness Pain within each breath!  (Foods with corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, grapes, any tomato products, chocolate, and many other foods!)
  • Thighs, Tummy, & Arms swell (Foods with corn syrups/high fructose corn syrup)
  • Wheezing (Several alcoholic drinks, spices, most almond milks)
  • Mouth numbness/lack of feeling in mouth (Beers & wines)
  • Puking (Foods with gelatin, tomato products, spices, many dairy products with corn syrup)
  • Instant fatigue/Feel like getting sick (jellies/jams, gelatin, bottled lemon/lime juices, soda, gluten-free crackers/chips and every other source of sulfites!)
  • Stomach Cramps that lasts for hours! (shrimp, garlic powder, onion powder, and ham)
  • Brain Fog  (Almost every source of sulfite!)

(Why so many reaction to one preservation right?
Well, the word, “sulfites” summarizes exactly 10 different forms of sulfites,
which explains why so many different reactions!
Plus, the higher ppm [volume], the worse the reaction is.)

Thank you for reading my list!  If you have any of those symptoms, do NOT ignore them!  I ignored them for many years!  Some of those foods I tried to avoid because of the reactions, but I never understand why until I studied more about sulfites.  And there are MANY more foods to avoid than the foods I listed above!

The FDA gives a decent LIST of foods to avoid, but I very much like Canada’s LIST a lot MORE!  Canada gives so many better details!  And, of course, I want to share with you my LIST.  My LIST even breaks down to specific ingredients, such as natural flavors, carrageenan, and citric acid!  (I did not write my LIST.  I found it online from other sulfite-intolerant people!  They did the homework and they’ve helped me so much!)

So, there you have it!  You’ve read my list!  Please share with anyone who you may think will benefit from my blog!  And, and please, help us to make this dangerous sulfite life even more educated throughout our world!  Thank you!

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