Miracle Whip? No. . . Miracle Puke!

Who loves Miracle Whip?  It tastes amazing on a sandwich, as a dip, or on pretty much anything!  When I was a teenager, I would request my mother to place Miracle Whip on my sandwiches for every game night.  Oh, YUMMY!  However, during my early 20’s, Miracle Whip quickly converted into my Miracle Puke!  That’s right . . . PUKE! (WithOUT acid and WithOUT heartburn!   My body would simply reject it!)

Awhile ago, I was making some deviled eggs for a neighbor, which called for Miracle Whip.  Well, while I was whipping up the recipe, I read the ingredient list on the M.W. jar.  It made me flashback to the previous nine years of puking with this product.  During those nine years, I would read the ingredients over and over again, but I could never find what would cause my vomiting!

Miracle Whip is naturally gluten-free.  So, I knew that gluten could not be the problem. And although this product contains eggs, I couldn’t believe the small amount of eggs in this jar would cause me to puke.  Eggs normally only gives me stomach cramps, and never causes me puke!  So, I mostly crossed eggs off too.  I was also diagnosed with the sulfite allergy.  So, of course, I would check for any words with “sulfites” in the ingredient list, and sulfites were never listed.  So, again, sulfites were crossed off.  Over and over again, I would go through that cycle—trying to find my answer!  I eventually refused to consume Miracle Whip whether I had an answer or not, because puking was never worth it!

After doing much sulfite researching this last year, a MIRACLE has happened!  I discovered my puking answer! Little did I know that added sulfites and hidden sulfites do NOT always have to be labeled.  I was in shock of how many sulfites that are hidden in this MIRACLE WHIP.  Look at what I’ve discovered:


  • Water
  • Soybean oil (Soy products can have sulfites—I’m not sure about soybean oil!)
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Vinegar (HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Modified Cornstarch  (HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Eggs  (Natural Sulfur)
  • Salt (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Natural Flavor (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Mustard Flour (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Potassium Sorbate  (Not sure)
  • Paprika (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Spice (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Dried Garlic  (HIDDEN SULFITES!)

NO WONDER I PUKED each time, right?   So, I do appreciate FDA’s regulations of having eggs, wheat, gluten, milk and nuts being required to be labeled, but why can’t the the FDA have sulfites labeled better?  The FDA only requires sulfites being labeled if the product has more than 10 ppm (volume).  But what about for someone, like me, who reacts to LOTS of products that contains less than 10 ppm?   As I’ve learned from my facebook-sulfite-free group, many people have even worse reactions than me with the unlabeled products!  I’m sure that they would also appreciate better labeling!  Better labeling would be a true MIRACLE!

Now, I’ll end this article by directing myself to my sulfite-sensitive friends.  I lived NINE years without doing much research, and I horribly paid for it a million times.  Sulfites are hidden everywhere!  Please research as much as you possibly can!   I want you to feel the best you can . . . everyday.  And make sure you WHIP up your recipes, sulfite-free!

FACEBOOK (sulfite-free group)
SULFITES ABC’S (Very educated writer, and lives the gluten-free & sulfite-free life!)

Extra Sulfite-information:
Health Canada
Sulfite Loaded Foods

2 thoughts on “Miracle Whip? No. . . Miracle Puke!

  1. I seem to be battling with the same struggle I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with my guts for years , I was particularly interested when you pointed out that eggs give you stomach cramps which had not previously occurred to me to test , i was hurt horribly by a couple of meat and cheese sandwiches yesterday and so tonight I’m performing an experiment and am making the same sandwiches without the mayo . . . And I may even schedule in a meal of eggs just to double test , thank you for your words . . you have paved the way for my next wave of research , also , sulfates are indeed everywhere . . The FDA would be further ahead to compose a list of foods that do not have sulfates . . I think it would probably be a short list so 🥂 heres to hoping your wrong because I’ll miss all the variety in our lives


    1. Sorry for my late response! Life has been so busy! I hope you figured more about your body problems! Keep in mind that breads in “sandwiches” most likely also be loaded with sulfites. Some cheeses are high with sulfites, but all have naturally-occuring sulfites—as dairy is all high with sulfur. I can now handle eggs, as long as I’m 100% sulfite-free and keep my sulfur intake low. During my last pregnancy, I ate lots of high sulfur foods, and I reacted to eggs again. The key is keeping the sulfur intake low also (although some can do fine with high sulfur as long as they simply avoid sulfites!) That all may confuse you between added sulfites, naturally-occuring sulfites, and sulfur, but do lots of research and it’ll come eaiser! (and “sulates” is actually something completely different–it’s not in foods!).


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