Is WATERMELON healthy for you?

“Is watermelon healthy for you?” I was asked several years ago while I was giving a nutrition presentation at a senior center.  The old lady was serious.  She loved watermelons, but feared it was bad for her health.  I was shocked, but she wasn’t the only one with this same concern, for many of the other seniors questioned the same.  I could understand them, though.  Throughout her entire life she heard many comments on different foods, such as, “This food was thought to be healthy, but now it is not, but this other unhealthy food is now healthy.”  I bet she questioned many foods she loved to eat!

So, are watermelons healthy for YOU?  ABSOLUTELY!  Eat those naturally grown foods that God has provided for us!  All fruits are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber!  And as fruits are naturally sweet, these foods can satisfied your sweet tooth!  So, instead of turning to candy, cookies, or cake to get your sweets turn to FRUITS!

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