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The Ingredient Secret Seeker

~Whether you have a food allergy, on a strict diet (like Paleo), or simply have the passion for reading nutrition labels, surely you have had this experience before!  I sure have!!~ 

So. . . . even though your friend has assured with you that her recipe is safe, you want to confirm her statement, right?  Well………

SIGNAL!  SIGNAL!  Your friend just stepped outside of her home! So, Look to your right.  Look to your left.  Okay, the other visitors aren’t looking at you.  Grab your drinking glass and sneak into your friend’s kitchen.  Tip, top, tip, top.  Okay, you are clear.  You secretly and successfully made your way into your friend’s kitchen.  Quickly open your friend’s cabinet doors and search for those ingredients she used.  Be ready!  Read the ingredients as fast as you can!  Hurry!  Hurry!  Oh no!–Your friend is walking back into her home.  You hear your friend stepping closer and closer to you!  Quickly, close that last cabinet door before she enters her kitchen!  Grab your drinking glass to fill with water, in case your friend is wondering what you are doing in her kitchen, alone! . . . . . .Whoah! No worries!  Your friend didn’t catch you!  BUT, close call!  And thankfully you were able to use your drinking glass as your kitchen excuse.  Oh, look . . . your friend is throwing a napkin into her trashcan.  And you are in shock!  The biggest ingredient you’ve been curious about is empty and has been thrown into the trashcan!  How tempted are you to reach deep, deep into that nasty trashcan?  How bad to you want to read that label??!!!??? . . . . . Oh, bummer!  Your friend is asking you to carry her plates and silverware into the dining room and to entertain the other visitors.  You lost your chance in her kitchen, alone.  Bummer.  I guess you’ll have to hope that your friend will have to go the bathroom before the meal, so you can finish your adventure in the kitchen trashcan.  Good luck, Miss Ingredient Secret Seeker!

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