Those, ya know, ANNOYING symptoms . . .

Have you ever had those awkward symptoms?  Like really annoying symptoms?  Your body is working decently, but you’re still dealing with some annoying symptoms.   Well, I sure have.  Besides my SULFITE ALLERGY REACTIONS, let me share with you about a few of my random symptoms that you may be able to relate with.

My DAILY Random ANNOYING Symptoms

  1. Hurting & inflamed gums
  2. Consistent red/itchy/dry eyes
  3. Inflamed upper back muscles with pain
  4. Yeast infections continously
  5. Daily ammonia-smelling urine

I honestly complained about these symptoms to my doctors, but we could never figure anything out.  My dentist noticed my inflamed gums and he told me to be kinder to my gums.  My eye doctor guided me the best brands of eye drops for my daily reddish and itchy eyes, which helped, but never cured the eye problems.   I spent money, beyond money with message therapists to relax my back muscles, but the massages rarely helped.  My yeast infections were treated with Monistat and often with Dilatin, prescribed from my doctor, but the yeast infections returned over and over again.  And I mostly hid my yucky smelling urine from my doctor, because it was so embarrassing!  So, after several years of experiencing these ANNOYING SYMPTOMS DAILY, I simply accepted these symptoms as being normal.

HOWEVER, should ANY of those SYMPTOMS be accepted as a NORMAL part of MY DAILY LIFE?  My answer is ABSOLUTELY NO!  And guess what?  When I finally followed my Allergy Specialist’s guidance of staying away from sulfites 100%, all of those OTHER SYMPTOMS DISAPPEARED!  WOW, right?  WOW!  I no longer experience these annoying symptoms.  I feel wonderful and I feel FREE!

So, please, do NOT ACCEPT your annoying symptoms!   Maybe certain foods bothers you, or preservatives like me, or maybe your body has something undiagnosed!  I honestly have no idea what could be causing your personal annoying symptoms, but I AM TELLING YOU that YOUR ANNOYING SYMPTOMS are NOT NORMAL!  You deserve of feeling the best you can!

So, please, share with me about YOUR AnNoYiNg symptoms.  I would LOVE to hear.  And I sure hope that you will start doing your personal homework in hopes of feeling FREE too!

Is WATERMELON healthy for you?

“Is watermelon healthy for you?” I was asked several years ago while I was giving a nutrition presentation at a senior center.  The old lady was serious.  She loved watermelons, but feared it was bad for her health.  I was shocked, but she wasn’t the only one with this same concern, for many of the other seniors questioned the same.  I could understand them, though.  Throughout her entire life she heard many comments on different foods, such as, “This food was thought to be healthy, but now it is not, but this other unhealthy food is now healthy.”  I bet she questioned many foods she loved to eat!

So, are watermelons healthy for YOU?  ABSOLUTELY!  Eat those naturally grown foods that God has provided for us!  All fruits are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber!  And as fruits are naturally sweet, these foods can satisfied your sweet tooth!  So, instead of turning to candy, cookies, or cake to get your sweets turn to FRUITS!


Yes!  I titled myself, “The Lazy Lezlie”.  Or shall I say the “Previously Lazy Lezlie”, because the NEW Leslie is not so lazy.  🙂  Let me explain what has changed in my life.

So, I used to feel simply lazy.  My day consisted of lots of relaxing while watching tv.  Most days, I could hardly attempt any household duties until 2pm to 4pm.  And I should mention how my laziness was defined by having muscle heaviness, joint weakness, brain fogs (couldn’t think straight), and feeling overly fatigue.

My dad, my sister, my step-mother, my mother-in-law, and so many other people in my life are the high energized go-go-go people.   I always wished I could be MORE like them.  Somehow, I assumed that these people were designed the same as me, but  I assumed that they were more motivated and had more willpower than me.  And so, I simply titled myself as plain lazy.  As much as I used to hate my laziness, I honestly came to the conclusion that I must accept myself of who I am, “The Lazy Lezlie”.

However, my life has changed!  Turning my diet SULFITE-FREE turned me into the Energizer Bunny!  I’m no longer lazy!  I have the energy to excel in our home between laundry, cooking , vacuuming, playing with my son, dancing like I’m crazy, grocery shopping, exercising . . . and my list is endless!   Some days, I have so much energy that I have a hard time falling asleep, because I just want to go-go-go!

Now, I do admit that when my diet accidentally slips by consuming  sulfites, unfortunately, I react with asthma (chest tightness or wheezing) or suffer with yucky stomach cramps for hours . . . and I then feel fatigue—or LAZY—for ONE to THREE FULL DAYS!  YUCKY!  So, I TRY to be a PICKY EATER the best as I can, because I HATE those lazy days!  Enjoying unsafe foods are never worth for the lazy days! ***

So, ARE YOU LAZY?  Maybe you have a food-connection, like me?  My sulfite problem is rare, but GLUTEN has affected many more people!  I have two girl friends, who have discovered that a gluten-free diet CURED many of their problems, such as joint pain, digestive pain, weight problems, brain fogs, and many other issues!  And, of course, these two ladies are NO LONGER LAZY!  So, gluten could be worth looking into!  Of course, other foods could be your problem, so keep your mind OPEN to other food possibilities.  And do get your thyroids tested before searching foods.  Thyroids, which can be tied to tiredness, can be easily tested and easily treated!  So, maybe you have thyroid problems, food problems, or something else, either way, do NOT give up!  Do NOT accept your laziness, like I used to!  GO see your doctor, and do as much of homework as you can.  I have HOPE for you!

Now, I admit, The Lazy Lezlie has reenter my life for the past couple months, but thankfully without the brain fogs or the muscle and joint aches.  Actually, my laziness has been a BLESSING!  My body has been extremely busy making a baby!  That’s right!  I’m expecting our Baby #2!  So, my laziness has a GOOD EXCUSE!  And thankfully, when this baby comes out, I will have the energy to be the best Momma that I can be!
(SAD UPDATE 2/13/16:  Sadly, I had a miscarriage.  I’m going miss being this child’s mother, but I trust God has his reasons.  I can see my mother holding her new grandchild in heaven.  I miss you, my MOM and my child!)  

CC887CEE-2547-473B-BF26-CB701DE37004*** EXTRA NOTE for better explanation***
“The LAZY LEZLIE” is caused by sulfites.  Because my body can’t process the preservative, sulfites, not only do I react with allergy reactions, but my body doesn’t have the enzyme to process it.  So, my body shuts down for 1 to 3 days, until the sulfites leave my body, which explains my laziness.

GERD? Heart Attack? Or SOMETHING ELSE? (Asthma)

How many of you have experience chest pain?  Your chest hurts so horribly that you have no idea of what’s going on!  Well, this last year, I saw a preview of the TV show, The Doctors, and one of their topics was about chest pain.  Although I rarely watch the show, I immediately recorded this episode, in hopes to hear about MY VERSION of CHEST PAIN.  Unfortunately, my version was not mentioned.  However, with The Doctor’s lack of discussing my form of chest pain, I was motivated to educate you!  MY version is NOT a heart disease, nor about another heart condition, as the TV show discussed.  And although Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) will be mentioned, as the show also discussed, you’ll discover how GERD was NOT my main problem.  So, here’s my version about my SOMETHING ELSE.

I was diagnosed with GERD at least 15 years go.  My three symptoms of GERD were heartburn, acid reflex, and horrible chest tightness.  After completely eliminating processed foods, ten years ago (2006), my GERD symptoms completely disappeared.  My diet consisted of plain meats, fresh vegetables, raw nuts, quinoa, and buckwheat.  It was strict!  I did NOT consume any forms of sugar or sweeteners.  And even though my diet was technically gluten-free, I consumed zero gluten-free processed products. And let me tell you, this change of my diet made me feel amazing!  That’s great, right?  I love how the altered diet cured my GERD (along with many other health problems), withOUT any medication help!

I have rarely experienced heartburn or acid reflex ever since changing my diet in 2006, ten years ago.  I feel blessed of how my GERD has simply disappeared.  However, since 2006, I have still dramatically experienced painful chest tightness, while cheating with many processed foods (along with many other reactions!).  My chest tightness would ached as if a knife was stabbing my chest over and over again, within every breath.  Although I would not feel heartburn nor experience acid reflex, I would always assume that the chest tightness was still a GERD symptom.

It took me several years before realizing that my chest tightness was NOT even closely related to GERD.  I finally realized this pain was SOMETHING ELSE.  So, what was this pain?  Well, this chest pain was actually an asthma-allergy reaction!  Throughout my childhood, I struggled with chronic asthma, including a couple ER trips!  However, I only experienced coughing and wheezing attacks as a child.  And I never knew  that a tight, painful feeling in my chest could also be an asthma symptom, as I have experienced over and over again as an adult.

A few times this last year, I mistakenly consumed foods with hidden sulfites, which caused myself horrible chest tightness.  And instead of feeling my horrible chest tightness for many hours, I turned to my inhaler!  And guess what?  My inhaler eliminated my chest tightness very fast, every time!  Wow!  Not only am I very thankful for releasing my chest tightness, but I am also very thankful for discovering my TRUE chest answer!  My chest tightness has never been GERD, but has always been ASTHMA!

Because of my many years of misdiagnosing myself, I desire to spread this information, especially for asthma sufferers!  And although my chest tightness has been tied with foods with the preservative, sulfites, anyone with asthma can react with other triggers, such as outdoor allergens or smoke, just to name a few!

So, again, chest tightness is a symptom of asthma!  If you know anyone who suffers with asthma, please share about my concern!  I do NOT want anyone else to suffer as many years as I did, and I want everyone to be able to breathe with ease.

*****Keep in mind, I’m not doctor!  If you have any chest or breathing problems, please consult with your physician!
*****If you occasionally experience heart burn, as I rarely do, I’ve discovered that organic apple cider vinegar works great!  Just take a couple tablespoons and swallow!

Can Allergy Cause Chest Heaviness?–LiveStrong

Asthma Symptoms–WebMD
Is your Chest Tightness an Asthma Symptom?–About Health

** Although the sulfite allergy is rare, people with asthma has a 3% to 10% higher risk of suffering with the sulfite allergy, and I happened to be one of those people, which is the reason I react to many foods with added sulfites and hidden sulfites (a perservative).  So, keep that in mind if you have asthma.  I suffered with sulfite-reactions for nine years before understanding my sulfite problem, and I don’t want you to suffer for as many years as I did!  If you want to hear more about my GERD vs. Sulfite allergy past experience, I suggest reading my past article, Heartburn or Chest pain? Is the GERD DIET the Answer? 
   And if you are curious of the other allergy reactions I’ve experience with sulfites, check out this link:  My Sulfite Reaction List

**Some people with the sulfite allergy have problems with inhalers too, because it is preserved with sulfate.  So, be alert with that! I haven’t had any personal problems with my inhaler!  It’s saved my life many times! 


My Food Allergies have DISAPPEARD!

My food allergies have REALLY disappeared!  I can live without fear!  Wow!  Before I give you my details, let me take a few steps back and explain to you about my past food allergies.  In 2005, I felt overly sick daily, until I turned my diet very strict.  Finally in 2008, I was diagnosed being allergic to wheat, rye, eggs, codfish, and sulfites.  I changed my diet by staying away from each of those foods except sulfites.  I allowed sulfites in my diet, because sulfites are extremely complex and because I wasn’t ready for my diet to be even more strict!

Codfish and eggs were my easy allergies.  I was never exposed to codfish in rural Kansas and eggs would only cause several hours of stomach cramps.  However, I feared wheat and rye the most, because those foods caused asthmatic reactions!  The first couple years of my grain allergies, my reactions were not very strong, but within a couple years, my  wheat and rye allergies had gotten worse!  My throat would narrow (asthmatic reaction) while walking down bread aisles or by inhaling another person’s food, along with horrible instant headaches Kissing my husband would also cause breathing problems, including a few life-threatening kissing reactions, after he would consumed foods containing wheat.  And I would always wheeze with certain shampoos, because those shampoos contain a small amount of the wheat protein!  My scariest asthma attack, in 2012, was after accidentally inhaling my dog’s food, which was loaded with wheat!  I started coughing non-stop and then, my throat completely narrowed!  My inhaler was not helping me and I could NOT find my epi-pen!  As I thought I was going to DIE, I eventually grabbed my phone, ready to call 911 (and while having no idea how to talk!).  But, thankfully my inhaler started to kick-in after using it SIX times, which is medically wrong . . . because inhalers should not be used more than twice!  Thankfully, though, the inhaler did saved my life!

I can recall several breathing problems and strong headaches while being around wheat in 2014.  However, after finally turning SULFITE-FREE during the end of 2014, my food allergy reactions suddenly faded away!  Walking down bread aisles actually seemed much easier. I was even able to toast bread, break the toast into pieces, and serve it to my son withOUT any breathing problems!  Wow!

In July 2015, I had an update appointment with my Allergy Specialist.  He made me do another skin test and the results revealed that my other food allergies have disappeared!  (Except I am still allergic to sulfites!) His nurse, however, did tell me that I slightly reacted to rye , but not strong enough to record as being allergic to it.  So, she did tell me to be careful with rye and that I’m probably sensitive to it.

I TRULY BELIEVE that my new Sulfite-Free life CURED my other food allergies.  I recall several wheat allergy reactions during 2014, but by the end of 2014, my reactions stopped after turning sulfite-free.  I assume that by eliminating my sulfites, my histamines are not releasing as high.  Therefore, the less histamines released, the less of a chance of reactions within my body.  However, that’s not proven . . . that’s  just one of my many theories!   But, I truly believe that if I would add sulfites normally back into my diet, my other foods allergies would re-enter into my life, but again, that’s another of my many theories.

During this last year, I’ve learned that codfish and eggs are naturally high with sulfur, which naturally converts into sulfites within the body.  So, I believe I was previous reacting to eggs and codfish because of the high sulfur.  Now that I keep my sulfites extremely low, if not non-existing, my body does not react to eggs or codfish. 

Now, as I’ve added eggs back into my diet, have I also added wheat and rye (gluten), back into my diet?  Well, not so much.  The first reason is that my Allergy Specialist highly suggested me to continue gluten-free, in which I plan doing so. And the second reason is that I’m not emotionally or mentally ready because of my history with asthma attacks!  Plus, I’m still having very small headaches around some wheat products, in which I’m not sure why.  So, the slight headaches give me no interest of eating anything with wheat.  But, let’s be thankful that the headaches are no longer horrible and painful, and that I CAN ACTUALLY BREATH around these grains!

So, basically, my eating habits are the SAME!  However, what you can do with me is by celebrating!  You can praise God with me!  My immune system is no longer attacking myself while being around wheat and rye!  Therefore, walking down bread aisles has turned into a quite peaceful walk!  Kissing my husband has turned to be much more enjoyable.  And preparing foods for my son has turned to be much easier!  And just think . . .the next time I’ll be with YOU, I will NOT feel SICK while being near YOUR FOODS! So, CELEBRATE with ME!

Let’s end by telling you how I used to beg God to bring me answers and to cure my food allergies!  Little did I know that God had already lead me to my answer–sulfites.  I was simply NOT ready to listen.  It took me six years before I was ready to turn sulfite-free.  And when I finally did, not only did my other food allergies disappear, but my health improved toward feeling my BEST!  Praise God! So, did my sulfite-free life cure my other food allergies?  Only God truly knows, but it really does seem so! And I praise God for how I FEEL NOW!  Thank you Lord! 

[I want to this make clear!  Although those food allergies have diminished, I am STILL asthmatic allergic to wheat, other crops, and other outdoor environment allergens!  I still react to my farming husband’s harvest!  But I can handle that!  It’s nothing like FOOD!]

Although my article is finished, some of you may be curious of my messed-up health history. Maybe my history will help YOU or someone else you know!  It’s a quick summary of My Food Allergy Story.

When I was 22:  I ate the American Western Diet— dizziness, light-headed, tingling feet, weight problems, very fatigue, foggy thinking, heart burn, chest tightness pain, constipation, candida (lots of yeast infections), & water retention.

Changed diet when 22: Followed a strict (anti-candida) diet of organic vegetables, limited carbs, fruit-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy free, zero processed foods—–EVERY symptom disappeared and turned to feeling amazing! [This diet was also sulite-free, but I did NOT realize that at the time!]

Changed diet when 23: Stayed gluten-free, but added most all the other foods back into diet—-struggled again with dizziness, foggy thinking, weight problems, chest tightness, tired often, candida, body parts swelling, wheezing—tried to follow previous strict diet, but was hard to stick with it.

Age 25:  Allergy Specialist diagnosed me being allergic to WHEAT, RYE, EGGS, CODFISH, and SULFITES!

Age 25:  Stayed gluten-free (wheat & rye), avoided eggs, but did NOT eliminate sulfites!  I ONLY avoided the worst source of sulfites (dried fruits) b/c dried fruits threaten my life, but continued other sources of sulfites.

Age 27:  Still avoided my food allergens, except most sulfites.  Struggled with the same problems!  I got engaged to marry!  I tried many fad diets to lose weight for my wedding, but nothing worked.  Six months before wedding, my entire body broke out with a yeast-skin infection (looked like chiken-pox).  So, I turned back to my strict (anti-candida) diet (mostly cut out sulfites, without realizing it).  Most all of my health problems disappeared, plus pounds dropped off of me—perfect timing for my wedding!

Age 28-31:  Added many random foods back into my diet, but still ate gluten-free.  ALL PROBLEMS entered back into my life.  PLUS, MORE problems entered my life:  stomach cramps and daily yucky smelling urine.  AND my wheat reactions got worse with scary life-threatening reactions!

Age 31:  I finally TURNED 100% SULFITE-FREE!—-Every problem disappeared, including my food allergies!  Yeast infections disappeared.  TONS of energy!  Pounds dropped off of me!  Stomach cramps stopped!  Yucky urine diminished!  Life turned to feeling amazing!  Wow!

Age 32:  Allergy Specialist gave me an updated skin test and, besides sulfites, my other food allergies DISAPPEARED!  WOW!  Praise God!

When “Gluten-Free” is NOT Enough. . . . . .

While attending a child’s birthday party the other day, I discovered that the child’s mother made her entire meal gluten-free.  None of her family practices the gluten-free life, but several of the guests do, and so she adjusted her entire meal for the gluten-free guests. . . including the birthday cake!  How kind she IS!  Our world needs more people like her.  She is so caring.

Before the meal, this mother confronted me to confirm that the “gluten-free” dishes do not have sulfites, while knowing I live gluten-free . . . and . . . sulfite-free.  My heart fell with sadness while telling her, “Yes, unfortunately your recipes do have sulfites, but the ingredients do not have to be labeled.”  I’m sure I confused her, because she was right.  I’m sure NONE of her ingredients stated anything about sulfites.  Let me explain how those unlabeled products confused me for years.

In 2008, my allergy specialist told me to follow the gluten-free diet and very soon after that, I experienced a life-threatening asthma reaction after taking one small bite of a naturally-gluten-free dried apple.  Therefore, my allergy specialist also diagnosed me being allergic to sulfites (dried apples are loaded with sulfites as a preservative).

I hated the idea of eating gluten-free and sulfite-free, because it looked even more strict!  And so I did very little research about sulfites, while still enjoying the gluten-free lifestyle.  However, after treating myself with gluten-free crackers, gluten-free bread, gluten-free trail mixes, and gluten-free anything, I  would feel somewhat sick.  I never struggled with asthma reactions, stomach cramps,  nor did I experience any normal allergy reaction.  However, these gluten-free products did make me feel fatigue instantly, which often made me struggle to function for the rest of the day.  Even my brain would feel foggy, and sometimes, my muscles would feel overly heavy.  During two different times, I had my blood tested, checking to see if I had developed diabetes . . . but nope–my blood always looked “perfect”.  I never understood why these gluten-free carbs would make me feel so fatigue, while other high carbs, such as rice and potatoes, would not make me feel this way.  Therefore, I only treated myself with these gluten-free products occasionally, while feeling confused about what was causing my tiredness.  (These gluten-free products never state “sulfites”!)

Besides the gluten-free grain products, other naturally gluten-free products would also bother me, such as gelatin (stomach uneasy & often puked), dried vegetables (stomach cramps & diarrhea), dried soups (stomach cramps & diarrhea), ham (stomach cramps), jams (fatigue and slight sore throat), gluten-free desserts with corn syrup (chest tightness, fatigue, & body parts slightly swell), any processed-tomato product (chest tightness) . . . and that is just a few to mention.  So that always confused me too. . . for over SIX YEARS!  (These naturally gluten-free products never state “sulfites” either!)

So, you can see why I was always confused.  That was until this last year (2014), when I finally did my sulfite homework.  The more I studied, the more I discovered even MORE about gluten-free products!  As potato starch and corn starch are the main ingredients in gluten-free products, these starches are processed with sulfur dioxide (sulfites), in order to preserve and whiten the starches.  In fact, the FDA even warns about sulfites in these two ingredients–corn and potato starches (along with corn syrup, other processed corn products, and every processed potato products).  The FDA source also taught me why the naturally gluten-free products has also caused my other reacting problems, which was the same answer–sulfites.

I was in SHOCK about how blind I was in my past. I simply assumed that “SULFITES” would be labeled just as well as wheat, dairy, and peanuts are labeled.  However, legally, sulfites do not have to be labeled if the product is under 10 ppm (volume) per serving.  Therefore, even though the gluten-free products may not be labeled with sulfites, there’s still a very high chance that these products do contain sulfites.  And even though these products are under 10 ppm, my body still reacts . . . unfortunately.

So, as you have learned . . .my diet must be gluten-free, but in my case, “gluten-free” is still NOT enough.  Hopefully this gives a better explanation to all of my friends who are just like this mother, who is caring, kind, and willing to do anything to welcome visitors to her home.  As much as I would love to eat anyone’s yummy gluten-free recipes, I’d rather to avoid those foods, because I choose feeling well.  And believe me, I do not expect anyone to cook for me, because my sulfite-free life is very complex.  But let’s DO turn the table, and please let me cook for you.  I bet my cooking is decent enough, that you’ll have no idea that my cooking is gluten-free AND sulfite free.  🙂

About Health—Sulfite Allergy
Sulfite Loaded Foods

*The sulfite allergy is not a true allergy, but is an intolerant.  However, for some one who is sulfite intolerant, may experience allergy reactions–such as chest tightness, stomach cramps, or wheezing; or non-allergy reactions–such as feeling overly fatigue.

*TO MY CLOSE FRIENDS & FAMILY—thank you soooo much for those who DO the sulfite homework and DO cook for ME!  You don’t need to, but you have no idea how much I APPRECIATE your kindness!  LOVE YOU!  (Especially thinking of Barb, Liz, Stephanie,  Ali & Shaunna!)

When you see me leave with a SMILE. . . . .

~Although these words are directed to my mother-in-law . . . my words
go to all of my family and friends, whom have seen my SMILES after meals!~

While following the gluten-free diet for nine years, I would still feel very sick many times.  My allergy specialist had told me to eat gluten-free, but he had also told me to eat sulfite-free, in which I did not follow very well!.  When I finally DID turn sulfite-free, this last year, I had to see a counselor, because my diet change affected me mentally and emotionally.  During one of my counseling sessions, I vented about how horribly I would often feel after eating at my mother-in-law’s home!  My counselor encouraged me to write down my thoughts.  So, below is what I wrote almost a year ago!  It is about my THOUGHTS toward my MOTHER-IN-LAW!  NO MATTER what your food allergy is (or any food problem is), please know that you are not alone.  Possibly you can relate with me–EMOTIONALLY!

When you see me leave with a SMILE. . . . .

When you see me leave with a smile, you see a liar.

I smile because I appreciate your food-allergy-friendly cooking for me.  I smile because I love how yummy your meals are!  You somehow make gluten-free meals taste so amazing!  I don’t lie about that!

But . . . when you see me leave with a smile, you see a liar.

I smile because I love visiting with you.  I smile because I feel loved whenever I’m around you!  I also don’t lie about that.

But. . . again. . . when you see me leave with a smile, you see a liar.

Okay, here it is.  Here is my lie.

When you see me leave with a smile, I use my smile to hide how sick I’ll be feeling the rest of the day. I hide that my chest hurts, my stomach feels uneasy, or my my stomach is cramping up. I use my smile to hide that I feel overly fatigue, and that I may puke later at home.  And whenever you ask me what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day, I always lie.  Instead of being productive for the rest of the day, I’ll be laying on my recliner watching t.v. for hours, while feeling yucky.   And I’ve secretly checked your ingredients and each are gluten-free.  It confuses me, because your gluten-free ingredients still make me feel sick.  Your gluten-free cooking is always appreciated, but I don’t know how to confess to you that I still feel overly sick when I leave your home.  So . . . you see a liar.

So, I hide my sickness and just deal with it.  But now, I really want to confess to you that I’m sick of feeling sick.  And I want to excitedly share with you that I’ve recently discovered why many gluten-free products still make me feel yucky.  Tons of foods, including gluten-free products, have hidden sulfites, in which I’m also allergic to.  Oh why, oh why?  Why are products not labeled with sulfites?  Not fair.  Little did I know that gluten-free products are loaded with sulfites.  Stupid me.  I should have studied my sulfite allergy just as much, if not more, of the gluten-free life. Again, stupid me.

So you see?  I’m a liar.  I only lie because I don’t want to hurt you, and because I didn’t have my answers, but I do now.  And now, I want to be honest with you and tell you about sulfites, but will I make you mad?  If I tell you that your foods made me sick, will you believe me . . . as you’ve always seen me leave with a smile?

Now, thankfully God has given me the opportunity to share my thoughts with my mother-in-law in person.  And thankfully my mother-in-law is very caring, supporting, and very open to my words!  I feel blessed she is my mother-in-law!  And now, after her meals, I feel amazing the rest of the day, and I accomplish tons of tasks in my home!  My only complaint about her new cooking is because her cooking is still overly yummy, I still indulge!  🙂 

Now, if you feel sick after certain foods, try to find any answer to help you to feel the best you can!   I, for sure, do not want  you to feel sick after any meal!  Yummy foods are made to ENJOY . . . .and to give you an honest SMILE!

Romans 14:7
For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.  

Miracle Whip? No. . . Miracle Puke!

Who loves Miracle Whip?  It tastes amazing on a sandwich, as a dip, or on pretty much anything!  When I was a teenager, I would request my mother to place Miracle Whip on my sandwiches for every game night.  Oh, YUMMY!  However, during my early 20’s, Miracle Whip quickly converted into my Miracle Puke!  That’s right . . . PUKE! (WithOUT acid and WithOUT heartburn!   My body would simply reject it!)

Awhile ago, I was making some deviled eggs for a neighbor, which called for Miracle Whip.  Well, while I was whipping up the recipe, I read the ingredient list on the M.W. jar.  It made me flashback to the previous nine years of puking with this product.  During those nine years, I would read the ingredients over and over again, but I could never find what would cause my vomiting!

Miracle Whip is naturally gluten-free.  So, I knew that gluten could not be the problem. And although this product contains eggs, I couldn’t believe the small amount of eggs in this jar would cause me to puke.  Eggs normally only gives me stomach cramps, and never causes me puke!  So, I mostly crossed eggs off too.  I was also diagnosed with the sulfite allergy.  So, of course, I would check for any words with “sulfites” in the ingredient list, and sulfites were never listed.  So, again, sulfites were crossed off.  Over and over again, I would go through that cycle—trying to find my answer!  I eventually refused to consume Miracle Whip whether I had an answer or not, because puking was never worth it!

After doing much sulfite researching this last year, a MIRACLE has happened!  I discovered my puking answer! Little did I know that added sulfites and hidden sulfites do NOT always have to be labeled.  I was in shock of how many sulfites that are hidden in this MIRACLE WHIP.  Look at what I’ve discovered:


  • Water
  • Soybean oil (Soy products can have sulfites—I’m not sure about soybean oil!)
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Vinegar (HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Modified Cornstarch  (HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Eggs  (Natural Sulfur)
  • Salt (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Natural Flavor (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Mustard Flour (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Potassium Sorbate  (Not sure)
  • Paprika (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Spice (Possibly HIDDEN SULFITES!)
  • Dried Garlic  (HIDDEN SULFITES!)

NO WONDER I PUKED each time, right?   So, I do appreciate FDA’s regulations of having eggs, wheat, gluten, milk and nuts being required to be labeled, but why can’t the the FDA have sulfites labeled better?  The FDA only requires sulfites being labeled if the product has more than 10 ppm (volume).  But what about for someone, like me, who reacts to LOTS of products that contains less than 10 ppm?   As I’ve learned from my facebook-sulfite-free group, many people have even worse reactions than me with the unlabeled products!  I’m sure that they would also appreciate better labeling!  Better labeling would be a true MIRACLE!

Now, I’ll end this article by directing myself to my sulfite-sensitive friends.  I lived NINE years without doing much research, and I horribly paid for it a million times.  Sulfites are hidden everywhere!  Please research as much as you possibly can!   I want you to feel the best you can . . . everyday.  And make sure you WHIP up your recipes, sulfite-free!

FACEBOOK (sulfite-free group)
SULFITES ABC’S (Very educated writer, and lives the gluten-free & sulfite-free life!)

Extra Sulfite-information:
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MY Sulfite Reaction List

I feel this article is quite overdue.  I’ve told my readers about my reactions through many stories.  However, I have not written a basic list of my reactions.  Possibly there is at least one reader out there that will appreciate my list.  Surely, someone out there can relate with me, dealing with sulfites!  So, here it MY list!

My Sulfite Reaction List:

  • Throat completely narrows . . Life threatening!  (Certain wines and dried fruits)
  • Horrible Chest Tightness Pain within each breath!  (Foods with corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, grapes, any tomato products, chocolate, and many other foods!)
  • Thighs, Tummy, & Arms swell (Foods with corn syrups/high fructose corn syrup)
  • Wheezing (Several alcoholic drinks, spices, most almond milks)
  • Mouth numbness/lack of feeling in mouth (Beers & wines)
  • Puking (Foods with gelatin, tomato products, spices, many dairy products with corn syrup)
  • Instant fatigue/Feel like getting sick (jellies/jams, gelatin, bottled lemon/lime juices, soda, gluten-free crackers/chips and every other source of sulfites!)
  • Stomach Cramps that lasts for hours! (shrimp, garlic powder, onion powder, and ham)
  • Brain Fog  (Almost every source of sulfite!)

(Why so many reaction to one preservation right?
Well, the word, “sulfites” summarizes exactly 10 different forms of sulfites,
which explains why so many different reactions!
Plus, the higher ppm [volume], the worse the reaction is.)

Thank you for reading my list!  If you have any of those symptoms, do NOT ignore them!  I ignored them for many years!  Some of those foods I tried to avoid because of the reactions, but I never understand why until I studied more about sulfites.  And there are MANY more foods to avoid than the foods I listed above!

The FDA gives a decent LIST of foods to avoid, but I very much like Canada’s LIST a lot MORE!  Canada gives so many better details!  And, of course, I want to share with you my LIST.  My LIST even breaks down to specific ingredients, such as natural flavors, carrageenan, and citric acid!  (I did not write my LIST.  I found it online from other sulfite-intolerant people!  They did the homework and they’ve helped me so much!)

So, there you have it!  You’ve read my list!  Please share with anyone who you may think will benefit from my blog!  And, and please, help us to make this dangerous sulfite life even more educated throughout our world!  Thank you!


Dance Fitness with Jessica  (Review)

Who loves to dance?  I LOVE dancing, as my dancing friends know!  I was on a dance team in high school for four years, which was almost 15 years ago.  And I STILL DANCE!  🙂  (Okay, my dancing is in my living room, while a tv commercial is playing a good hip-hop song, but that counts, right?)

Throughout the past several years, my favorite type of exercising has been running.  I’ve ran 30 races, including 3 half-marathons!  Wow!  However, my running has decreased throughout the past two years between pregnancy and as being a new mother.  Plus, living in a town used to make running so much easier, but now as I live in the country , I face many country obstacles between Kansas weather, pasture hills, zero street lights, and non-paved country roads!  (Also, being a farmer’s wife means that my husband is rarely home to watch our son!)  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love running.  In fact, I’ve ran two 5k races this summer and am still considering a third this fall!  But, as a mother, as a farmer’s wife, and as a resident in these country hills, my running has been very limited.  So, as I lack fulfilling my running passion, I lack feeling a RUSH I gain after each RUN!

I’ve never been a big fan of aerobic dancing.  That form of exercising usually seems b.o.r.i.n.g. to me.  I’ve purchased several aerobic “dancing” dvds in hopes to find my rush.  However, zero of those dvds have kept me interested enough to continue.  I somewhat blame my boredom to my high school dance team (Goooooo Gold Dusters!).  Our dance practices and performances were so much fun that I still expect my exercising dances to be just as exciting!  And . . . well . . . the majority of aerobic dancing has always been too simple and too boring .  Well, that was . . . until my sister introduced me to Dance Fitness with Jessica.  Thank you, Sister Natalie!

Let’s just say that I have finally found my new rushSo, join with me as I share the reasons you’ll also love Dance Fitness with Jessica!

  1.  With Jessica, you don’t simply step from side to side.  You’ll actually dance with her!  She moves to the beat!
  2. Jessica’s movements are sometimes complex, but her guiding is so simple, which I like.  Because her dances can be challenging, you will never be bored.  (Plus, the harder you dance, the more calories you burn!)
  3. Jessica’s sessions do not have to be 30 minutes as many aerobic sessions are!  She leads you per song, which are approximately 3 to 4 minutes each.  Therefore, YOU CHOOSE how long you want to dance with her!  So, it could be 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or for an entire hour!  Maybe one day you’ll finish three songs and the next day you’ll finish eight songs.  Either way’ you won’t feel like you are failing for not finishing a session.  Instead, after each song, you’ll feel another dancing accomplishment!
  4. In my past, I’ve desired to choreograph my own DaNcE fitness videos so other people, like YOU, can dance with ME!  But Jessica has made me realize that it is time to let go of that dream.  She has already done such of a wonderful job that I would rather promote HER vs. dreaming about making my own videos.  You read that right–I’m letting go of my dream and I’m promoting HER for YOU!
  5. And at last with Jessica, if you are like me,  you’ll never feel obligated to exercise with Jessica.  You’ll DESIRE to DANCE with her!

So, are you going to dance with Jessica?  I recommend for you to check out many of her free videos through YouTube.  That’s right–you can dance with Jessica for FREE!  Or you can purchase her dvds through her Website store.  I’ll end by directing you to the exact DVD that lead me to LOVE dancing with Jessica!  Enjoy!

Dance at beach
Dancing with my friend, Alana, on a beach near San Fransico! She’s my dancing AND running partner!